In the current fast-paced digital world, individuals often find themselves in need of financial assistance to meet various personal requirements. Be it a dream foreign vacation, home refurbishment, or handling unexpected medical expenses, this instant personal loan online can be used for any kind of personal use. 

Serving as a financial compass, the EMI calculator personal loan stands out as a crucial tool for potential borrowers. It provides invaluable insights into the affordability and sustainability of a personal loan. 

What is an EMI calculator? What are its advantages?

It is a utility tool that helps potential borrowers calculate the amount to be repaid every month towards the loan. One can easily calculate the EMI amount on a car loan or vehicle loan as it offers an idea of the monthly repayments you make towards these loans. 

After you fill in details like the amount of the loan, tenure and the rate of interest, it displays within seconds how much you must pay off each month. 

  • Plan your budget

Once you have gathered all the information on the amount to be repaid every single month, planning your financial budget becomes much easier. You can also chart out all your pending or future loans using this tool. 

  • Maintain a Healthy Credit Score

If you are well aware regarding the EMIs payable before you borrow, you can easily plan to ensure that repayment goes smoothly. This is quite important as it is crucial as any delayed payment can hurt your credit score and impact it in a negative way. 

  • Perform Complex Calculation With Ease

It is a free tool available easily on various websites/applications. I've been using it for quite a long time on the 'Stashfin' application, from which I availed a no cost emi personal loan. You can access this tool at any time for free before applying, and it will help you get the figures in the blink of an eye. 

  • Instant Accuracy

It offers an immediate and precise calculation of your monthly EMI. With this, you totally eliminate the risk of miscalculations associated with manual methods. 

Different types of EMI calculator

  • Home Loan EMI calculator

One of the most common loans is home loans. They usually have a large principal and a longer term, due to which it is essential to do all your calculations beforehand. 

  • Personal Loan EMI calculator

Most availed loan nowadays is this type. For any kind of personal use, this loan stands as the best option. Here, the calculator helps estimating the overall loan details easily with just a few taps. 

  • Education Loan EMI calculator 

The cost of education is rising with each passing year. These loans come with a moratorium period so that the borrower here can start paying once the education is complete. Therefore, usage of this tool is quite helpful here in efficient planning. 

Why should you use this tool before availing a loan?

Before opting for a loan, using this tool has become a mandatory step nowadays. Relying on manual calculations for your EMI can be not just time-consuming but also susceptible to a lot of errors. Therefore, utilizing this tool allows you to compute your monthly instalments swiftly, offering tons of advantages. 


For anyone seeking an instant personal loan online currently, the EMI calculator is an indispensable tool. Its overall ability to provide a clear roadmap of monthly repayments empowers potential borrowers to make informed and wise financial decisions.